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On this page you’ll find a list of recent media appearances such as podcasts, conference presentations, twitter threads, etc.

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Recent Podcast Appearances

Upcoming: Voices from the Rabbit Hole, Bitcoin Rapid Fire w/ Dan Held,

Orange Pill Podcast on 11/29/20 [Youtube / Apple]
Topics: The Fourth Turning, the Logic of Violence, failing financial system, Bitcoin has an institution to rally around.

What Bitcoin Did Podcast on 11/27/20 [link / Apple]
Topics: Explore the current zeitgeist through the lens of history, demographics, and Bitcoin. We touch on the Fourth Turning, Individualism vs Collectivism, supply and demand for order, etc.

Swan Signal Live: Robert Breedlove + Brandon Quittem on 11/12/20 [Apple / Youtube]
Topics: Fourth Turning, Socialism vs Capitalism, Order vs Entropy, Free markets vs Force, our obligation to innovate, how Bitcoin minimize the incentive for violence.

Citizen Bitcoin #111 “It’s a Strange Time to be Human” on 11/20/20 [Apple / link]
Topics: Free-flowing, unfiltered, jam sesh with my good friend Brady. We went deep into the rabbit hole on this one. Focused loosely on bitcoin, but we explored many tangential subjects.

Bitcoin Matrix on 11/18/20 [Apple / Link]
Topics: Potential Second Civil War, psychedelics, Millennial thinking vs Zoomer thinking, Mycelium, is Bitcoin a living organism?

POV Crypto on 11/2/20 [Apple]
Topics: 2020 is a wakeup call, Supply vs Demand of Order, The Fourth Turning, how to pitch Bitcoin to each generation, risk of second American civil war.

Citizen Bitcoin: Brady, Brekkie, and Brandon on 10/15/20 [Apple]
Topics: Individualism vs Collectivism, Bitcoin as a novel institution, Bitcoin as a Corporate Reserve Asset, Generational shifts and the Fourth Turning

Adam Meister “This Week in Bitcoin” on 10/8/20 [Youtube]
Topics: Joined by John Vallis, Phil Geiger to discuss Square buying BTC, Bitcoin mining in the DRC, Hedgeye CEO selling his Bitcoin, and the Attorny Generals Report on Cryptocurrencies.

Stock Talking Podcast on 10/6/20 [Apple]
Topics: Bridging the Gap between Bitcoin and the U.S. equities market. Bitcoin valuation models, the bullish Bitcoin investment thesis, and why Square is going all in on Bitcoin.

Vivek Podcast on 8/16/20 [Apple / link]
Topics: Experiences as a Digital Nomad,  how psychedelics impacted my life, consciousness vs spirituality, bitcoin resembling digital mycelium, can bitcoin outlive humanity?

POV Crypto Podcast on 7/23/20 [Apple / link]
Topics: Bitcoin as an organic system, free markets and price discovery are natural phenomenon, top down influence and price controls don’t work, how both Bitcoin and Ethereum are organically emergent phenomenons and should be viewed as organisms, and we finish with a Bitcoin vs Ethereum “fight.”

A Boy Named Pseu #151 w/ Phil Gibson on 7/27/20 [Apple]
Topics: Markets are naturally occurring biological phenomena, Symbiosis with Bitcoin and it’s implications, Dispel FUD around psychedelics, Vipassana Mediation stories, Generational Archetypes and the 4th Turning. 

The Psychedelic Salon #654 w/ Lorenzeo on 7/16/20 [Apple
Topics: This is an introduction to Bitcoin through the lens of psychedelia. What is money, history of money, what is bitcoin, how bitcoin and mycelium are related. Then we covered cognitive liberty vs monetary liberty, dissolving boundaries, why the psychedelic community should embrace bitcoin, and much more. Was recorded over zoom with the Salon community periodically answering questions.

Once BITten Podcast w/ Daniel Prince on 6/24/20 [Apple]
Topics: Career Transition after leaving high-paying sales job, Bitcoin will be obvious in hindsight, Transition from the industrial age into the information age, generational archetypes, why humans/animals seek to alter their consciousness.

Bitcoin Rapid Fire w/ John Vallis Round #3 on 6/17/20 [Anchor]
Topics: John and I went for a long, free-flowing exploration of psychedelics and bitcoin. We got cosmic. How the communities are related, cognitive liberty vs monetary liberty, and more. This was in preparation for my appearance on the Psychedelic Salon.
Tales From The Crypt #163 with Marty Bent on 5/26/20 [Anchor / Apple]
Topics: Psychedelic therapy, Bitcoin + Fungi, Why the next decade defines the next 100 years, Cognitive Liberty vs Monetary Liberty, The Fourth Turning, Generational Archetypes, Gall’s Law, why I started businesses as a kid, Millennials vs Boomers, what is universities were great?
Bitcoin Magazine Halving Party Presentation “Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money” [youtube]
Topics: Exploring network organisms (fungi) with network technology (bitcoin). Most dense version of these ideas. Updated May 2020.  New to these ideas? Prefer audio/visual content as opposed to reading? This is perfect for you.
Bitcoin Rapid Fire with John Vallis and Brady Swenson – PART 2 [Anchor]
Topics: We got cosmic. Explored Bitcoin as a living organisms. What can evolutionary Biology teach us about bitcoin? Virtual Reality. This was part 2 of a podcast crossover episode where I was interviewed by the hosts of both the Citizen Bitcoin + Bitcoin Rapid fire podcasts.
Citizen Bitcoin w/ Brady Swenson and John Vallis – PART 1 [Apple]

Topics: Explored Part 4 of the bitcoin-mycelium series. Great time hanging with some of my favorite bitcoiners. Got Cosmic AF. Stoned Ape Theory. This was part 1 of a podcast crossover episode where I was interviewed by the hosts of both the Citizen Bitcoin + Bitcoin Rapid fire podcasts.

Swan Signal Podcast w/ Cory Klippsten and Stephen Cole [youtube]
Topics: Bitcoin meetups, twitter as an open source protocol (blue sky), tools for personal sovereignty, game theory says we want powerful people on team Bitcoin.

Keyvan Devani Show w/ Hass McCook on 11/2/19 [Apple]
Topics: All around fun and relaxing show — like hanging out with a couple Bitcoiners. Bitcoin through a religious perspective, Bitcoin as an extension of nature, Bitcoin prospects during global economic crises, paths of adoption.

Bitcoin Rapid Fire w/ John Vallis on 9/24/2019 [Apple]
Topics: Bitcoin as a rallying cry for revolutionaries, How psychedelics and bitcoin are related, Prospects of war post-hyperbitcoinization, Terrence McKenna, Nature of the mind, Biology is technology

Protocol Podcast w/ Eric Savics  on 9/9/2019 [link / Apple]
Topics: Satoshi was a mycologist, Bitcoin Mining leading to a type 1 civilization, Bitcoin has absorbed features from alt coins, Bitcoin is like a living organism, Stoned Ape theory, Panspermia, Red Queen theory

Cryptoconomy w/ Guy Swann and Dergigi on 8/21/19 [Spotify / Anchor / Apple]
Topics: Stay humble – study nature – stack stats, how do we define life? What IS Bitcoin? Does it work for us? Or do we work for it? How will Bitcoin change the world

Konsensus Show with Niko + Max Hillebrand on 7/31/19 [youtube]
Topics: Bitcoin as a new life form, can Bitcoin persist w/o humans? Time preference, and how the Apache tribe resisted Spanish conquest & what that means for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism @ Bitcoin 2019 Conference on 6/26/2019 [recording]
Topics: exploring bitcoin through the lens of mycelium, distributed intelligence, antifragility, order vs chaos, mycorrhizal networks.

Pynk Tank / Not Another Crypto Show on 5/18/19 [youtube]
Topics: fun with fungi. Very Basic Bitcoin stuff. Hosts are not as knowledgeable about Bitcoin, more focused on general “blockchain” topics. 

Citizen Bitcoin with Brady Swenson on 4/12/2019 [link / Apple]
Topics: Bitcoin culture wars, fungibility vs privacy, transition to fee based security model, Faketoshi/Hodlonaut current mess, sourcing quality information, indepth exploration of comparing bitcoin to fungi, primer into my upcoming article looking towards a future financial system based on bitcoin.

Contrarian Island on 3/25/2019 [Apple / Spotify]
Topics: Where BTC get it’s value, Store of Value vs Medium of Exchange, how content gets translated for multiple tiers of technical sophistication, does Schnorr help transition to fee based security, Bitcoin 2019 conference, is Andrew Yang good for bitcoin?

POV Crypto “Biology of Bitcoin” on 3/7/2019 [link]
Topics: Nation state level attacks are the “great filter” of cryptocurrencies. Lightning network integrates into bitcoin via the mycelial medium. I admit my previously held beliefs of “blockchain everything.”

Fun with Crypto w/ Coinicarus on 2/18/19 [Libsyn link]
Topics: Governments neuter apex predators of money, Trophic Cascade Effect, Why we haven’t found alien life in universe, my genesis story with bitcoin. 

The Sovereign Bitcoin Podcast w/ Juan Galt on 1/18/19 [youtube link]
Topics: Culture wars, Bitcoin vs Mycelium, why we need to solve money before decentralizing everything, religion, massaging bitcoin’s messaging, creative destruction via bitcoin, Lapps as a catalyst. 

Radiant Creators Podcast 12/20/18 [link]
Topics: Bitcoin as a decentralized organism, PoW energy FUD, overcoming Dunbar’s number, experimenting with micro nations + new money.


Popular Twitter Threads 

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  • Fungi Facts from reading Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake [link]
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  • Summary of The Internet of Money Vol 2 by Andreas Antonopoulos [link]
  • Summary of Shelling Out: Origins of Money by Nick Szabo [link]


Praise for Brandon

  • Michael Saylor when discussing my article The Mycelium of Money, “He’s brilliant, I’ve read it, and I agree with it” (link)
  • Anthony Pompliano featured me in his newsletter (6/11/19): “In a relatively small number of sentences, Brandon is able to articulate incredibly powerful ideas.” (link)
  • Nathaniel Whittemore: “Brandon is an emerging bitcoin content star” (link
  • Nic Carter: “You are rapidly becoming a Bitcoin content MVP” (link
  • Jimmy Song included my Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History article in his newsletter  (link)
  • Published the popular article: Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism (Fungi) – tweetstorm seen by 500k people, over 500+ retweets, 8,500+ page views. 
  • Featured in Marty’s Bent Newsletter three times (#379 + #397 + #857)
  • Featured in Nathaniel Whittemore’s Long Reads Sunday” x3 (#25 + #29 + #51)
  • Michael Krieger ( posted my article and said “one of the most enjoyable and itnformative articles I’ve read all year” (link)


Presentations at Conferences, etc

  • “Bitcoin is Freedom Money: Pitching Bitcoin as a Startup” @ Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 [youtube recording]
  • “Bitcoin is Alive” @ Bitcoin Magazine’s 2020 Bitcoin Halving party [youtube recording]
  • “Bitcoin is a decentralized super organism 2020 @ Remote Crypto Con [link]
  • “Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism” @ Bitcoin 2019 Conference [recording]
  • “Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money” @ FungiFest 2019 conference in the UK
  • “Biology is Technology: Exploring Bitcoin through the lens of Biology @ Burning Man (Camp Decentral) — August 2019
  • “Lightning Network 101: Past, Present, and Future of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 Network” — Bitcoins in Bali meetup, May 2018
  • “Become your own bank: Risk Management for the Sovereign Individual” — Bitcoins in Bali meetup, June 2018


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