Brandon’s Favorite Podcast Episodes of All Time


“You are what you listen to” Background: This started as an email thread in 2015 exchanges podcasts episodes with friends.  Then it became a google doc read by thousands of people. Finally decided to publish it on my site. My goal is to update this regularity. Also, here’s a list of podcasts I’ve appeared on. About these episodes (last update 6/5/20): this is an eclectic...

Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money


Foreward This is the entire bitcoin+fungi series combined into a single article. I have more unpublished material, should I turn this into a book? Let me know on twitter, my DMs are open. Also, would you like to be notified when I publish new articles? Signup here. I need to give credit to Dan Held for publishing his 4-part series comparing bitcoin’s origin to planting a tree. While I loved his...


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